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Over years of daily collaboration with high-performance pharmacy purchasing teams, QuicksortRx created tools to drastically reduce workloads and take procurement teams to the next level. Today, hospitals leading the market are using our solutions and services to stay ahead of the curve.

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Hospital Pharmacy
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Expert, Ongoing Strategic Support

Clients meet weekly with a QuicksortRx pharmacy supply chain expert to discuss new opportunities, best practices, and market trends and developments. In between meetings, the QuicksortRx team is accessible and happy to serve as an ongoing resource.


“I can't speak highly enough about the QuicksortRx team. They helped me transition into this position and are always there to help me with anything.”

Frank Giuliano, Procurement Lead, Medical University of South Carolina's Pharmacy Distribution Center

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Real-Time Data, Significant Savings

QuicksortRx empowers hospitals to instantly assess real-time medication price, availability, and purchasing trends across facilities and classes of trade. This actionable data leads to faster, more intelligent purchasing decisions and generates substantial, measurable savings. 

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“When anyone asks me about what I use to help me perform better, QuicksortRx is always a top solution I tell people about. … It's an invaluable tool for helping us find the best products at the best prices.”

Matthew McGuire, PharmD, Manager of Pharmacy Supply Chain and Automation, University Hospitals

Unmatched Intelligence & Capabilities

Our user-friendly platform provides hospitals with eye-opening insight into their medication purchasing and robust analytics that enable clients to achieve greater efficiencies in areas including utilization, purchase volume, contracts, and drug shortages.

“QuicksortRx provides a level of savings and visibility into our data that is lightyears ahead of what others deliver. I only wish I could have had QuicksortRx in my previous positions.”

Supervisor Pharmacist, 1,200-Bed Academic Medical Center

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Own Your Pharmacy Spend

See how QuicksortRx’s software can help your pharmacy team examine purchase impact in real-time, gain new insights into spend, and create on-demand reporting and analysis that’s easy to read and share.

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