QuicksortRx doesn’t need any of your team’s time for configuration or implementation, and can be up and running at your hospital in just weeks. With no lift from IT, no PHI, and no on-premise connections or installation, your network and technology reviews are a breeze.

Get started in 4 easy steps.

Map Accounts

Group your wholesaler accounts by facility, management group, or region in a 20 minute call.

Establish EDI

We work directly with wholesalers to collect data automatically.

Add Historical Invoices

Drop in 6-24 months of past purchase data for context going forward.


Our team comes on site for at-the-elbow launch and orientation.

Have questions about implementation? We have answers.

My IT team is already overwhelmed. What IT resources will I need to get this implemented?

QuicksortRx was built with your convenience in mind. We don’t interface with hospital networks or collect PHI, making IT security reviews a breeze. Because we are in the cloud and configure and update our software remotely, you won’t need any resources for maintenance either!

How long does an implementation usually take?

Our timeline to installation mostly depends on time to contract execution and your wholesaler’s EDI setup. Luckily, both of those things can be expedited through pharmacy leadership if you are in a hurry. Once your wholesaler turns on the data feed, we can have a live system up and running in just a few days.

How often do we need to update QuicksortRx?

Never! Our software gathers purchase and price information in real time, directly from your wholesaler, and updates are seamless. Let us know if you add any new accounts or hospitals, and we will get them integrated. Nothing is required from YOU to keep the system up to date.

What happens with our health system’s data?

First and foremost - we ONLY partner with health systems, and we DON’T sell or share hospital data to any third party companies.

Even though we don’t collect PHI, our systems are designed to exceed requirements for HIPAA data to make sure your hospital’s information is secure. Review our data policy for more details.

Strategic Support

QuicksortRx pairs your pharmacy team with a supply chain pharmacist every week to decrease time to results and keep you on point. In addition to software support, our staff facilitates contract fixes, credits and rebills, and other tasks to ease your burden in crunch time.

Our team has decades of pharmacy experience, and is proud to be a resource for new procurement professionals as they learn, and for more established teams as they expand their scope.

We connect weekly with our customers to:
  • Find big wins and maximize outcomes quickly
  • Gather feedback and eliminate obstacles to execution
  • Share insights, peer best practices, and market changes
  • Advise on procurement and operations strategy
I can't speak highly enough about the QuicksortRx team. They helped me transition into this position and are always there to help me with anything.
It’s clear that QuicksortRx really understands what it’s like to actually sit down and purchase medications. The software is so far ahead with how easy it is to use.
It was clear that their customer service was far above everyone else's.
— Frank Giuliano, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Procurement Lead, Medical University of South Carolina
— M.M., Large Academic Medical Center
— Assistant VP of Pharmacy Supply Chain, Revenue Cycle, and Technology

Have questions about strategic support? We have answers.

What service does your software come with?

Our service comes with weekly support from pharmacy supply chain experts to ensure the highest priority issues are identified and addressed. For administrators, finance, and pharmacy leadership, we offer quarterly reviews and benchmarking to share performance metrics and progress.

Do you provide training? How much training does it take to use?

On-site implementation, training, and support is included. Training starts with at-the-elbow reviews of your hospital data, and continues through our regular meetings. Once your team becomes more familiar with the software, QuicksortRx meetings shift to discuss industry trends, operational insights, and other ways to improve efficiency.

How much time does it take for my team to make an impact with QuicksortRx?

QuicksortRx helps hospitals pare down their purchase analysis to as little as one hour per week. With this time, health systems are easily seeing over a million dollars each year in cost savings.

Who will be assigned to support my team?

We pair each health system with one of our pharmacy supply chain experts who have years of experience working in health system pharmacy purchasing. These pharmacists and analysts understand the problems and demands your team faces every day, and are well equipped to help your team capitalize on maximum value.

QuicksortRx Takes Procurement Teams to the Next Level

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