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Over years of daily collaboration with high-performance pharmacy purchasing teams, QuicksortRx created tools to drastically reduce workloads and take procurement teams to the next level. Today, hospitals leading the market are using our solutions and services to stay ahead of the curve.

"No one has the level of insight QuicksortRx does when it comes to actually purchasing medications. The usability is so far ahead of everyone else because they understand the big picture."

— Customer, MM 1200-bed academic medical center

Hospital Pharmacy

Real Time, Real Savings

QuicksortRx doesn’t just make promises and projections. Our hospitals love the real time, line item calculations to show the hard-dollar impact their teams are making every day.

“We are looking at close to $10 million in savings to date. That’s amazing. If I were to try to do this with our old tools, it would be impossible.”

— Brian, 3 year customer, $65m Annual Inpatient Med Spend

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Realized Savings

High Impact, Low Effort

Our software is lightning fast and simple to use, keeping your team focused on the highest value for their time. Health systems using QuicksortRx can manage their med spend in as little as 1 hour per week.

“I am able to focus on so many other problems because I know that our purchasing optimization is handled.”

— Maury, 1200 bed academic medical center hospital

High Performance Partnership

Our Pharmacy Supply Chain Experts partner with your team each week to keep you on top of the biggest opportunities, market changes, and trends, so you’ll never miss a thing.

“Above all else, the user support is incredible. We have recurring weekly meetings with our Account Specialist, who is always prepared (with) the most impactful changes that we can make. The service is above and beyond.

— Marcus Gumbrecht, PharmD, CDCES, 340B Oversight, Medical University of South Carolina

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Medical University of South Carolina

Guaranteed Results for Health Systems

QuicksortRx’s pharmacy business intelligence helps health systems save millions of dollars each year, and we have the data to prove it.


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