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About QuicksortRx

At QuicksortRx, we believe that empowering our people is the fastest path to customer success. As a company, we promote transparency, experimentation, and service to others. We believe the best solutions are simple, transparent, and respect customer needs. Customers inform everything we do, and we pride ourselves in creating solutions that truly serve them.

Our employees know they are making a difference for health systems and their patients by decreasing the costs and contributing to the sustainability of quality healthcare.

Position Overview

QuicksortRx is hiring for a Marketing Director to join our team in transforming the way health systems purchase medications. QuicksortRx is a first to market SaaS platform helping reduce the cost of healthcare by improving purchasing efficiency for hospital pharmacies. 

QuicksortRx software was developed and incubated by a team led by our founders at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, where it continues to save millions of dollars each year. Today, QuicksortRx software manages billions of dollars in annual pharmaceutical purchasing at major health systems, and prides itself on exceeding savings targets at each of our health system sites.

As we expand into more health systems, we are looking to add talent and experience in product-led marketing content, operations, and technology. We are looking for candidates with enthusiasm, drive, and a deep understanding of enterprise SaaS marketing to take QuicksortRx to the next level. This is a functional and oversight role that will report to co-founder and VP, Matt Hebbard. 


We are seeking a talented professional with experience in enterprise software and marketing to lead our efforts. The ideal candidate is eager to jump in and learn our product and industry, and is capable of developing and executing marketing strategies that drive health system customer engagement, acquisition, and retention.

We are looking for someone who checks these boxes:

  • Minimum of 3 years experience working in marketing creatives and operations, preferably with experience in a leadership role in enterprise B2B marketing.

  • Strong understanding of digital marketing channels, including SEO, SEM, professional social media, and content marketing.

  • Detail-oriented with strong editorial and project management skills, pride of ownership of processes and outcomes, and a love for a fast-paced, flexible, “start-up” environment.

  • Able to conduct market analysis and customer feedback sessions to identify market trends, understand customer needs, evaluate the competitive landscape, and then to use insights to set marketing strategies.

  • Passion for design and technology, with a commitment to driving positive change in the healthcare industry.

We will prefer candidates with experience:

  • Using and managing marketing automation and design software such as HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.

  • Working in a startup or fast-growing company environment, preferably in the healthcare or enterprise SaaS industries.

  • Creating or delegating professional design needs (IE Adobe InDesign / other creatives)

  • Assisting in editing or advising copy for ads, blogs, website, social media, etc.

Location & Commitments

Our story is important to us - and it’s being written here in Charleston. The ideal candidate will be available for on-site work in Charleston while they learn about our business and who we help. We are open to remote work, but expect high levels of engagement with our leadership, product, and pharmacy teams.

There is an opportunity for travel (less than 5%) to attend conferences alongside our sales and support teams.

Why QuicksortRx and Why Now

We have been methodically charting this journey. We spent years developing the internal case for our product and iterating with our first customer. After commercializing outside of MUSC, we have continued to grow - scaling our infrastructure and bringing on additional health systems as customers.

In 2021, we brought two industry veterans on to our board of directors, and over the past year we’ve expanded our team of pharmacist support, sales, and development with top talent to accommodate our growing customer base. This foundation work has created a strong, growing, and cash flow positive company.

This is a great opportunity for a candidate with the right experience to achieve financial success and meaningful career growth helping to build a company dedicated to decreasing the costs of quality healthcare.

Here's How to Connect With Us:

Reach out to Melanie Snider, with your resume and contact information.

Connect with us:

Reach out to Melanie Snider, 

with your resume and contact information.