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About QuicksortRx

At QuicksortRx, we believe that empowering our people is the fastest path to customer success. As a company, we promote transparency, experimentation, and service to others. We believe the best solutions are simple, transparent, and respect customer needs. Customers inform everything we do, and we pride ourselves in creating solutions that truly serve them.

Our employees know they are making a difference for health systems and their patients by decreasing the costs and contributing to the sustainability of quality healthcare.

Position Overview

QuicksortRx is hiring for an Enterprise Sales Executive to join our sales team expansion. QuicksortRx is a first to market, first to revenue SaaS platform helping health systems reduce the costs of healthcare by improving purchasing efficiency for hospital pharmacies. Our application identifies high-value, easy-to-implement opportunities within a hospital’s contract constraints with wholesalers, GPOs, and manufacturers.

QuicksortRx software was developed and incubated by a team led by our founders at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, where it saves millions of dollars each year. Today, QuicksortRx software manages around $7 billion in annual pharmaceutical purchasing at major medical centers, and has exceeded savings targets at all sites.

As our application and sales process have proven successful, we are seeking to bring on an additional Enterprise Account Executive. Our newest sales executive will work alongside Michael Francis, Director of Sales, and will report to co-founder and VP Matt Hebbard. Michael is an accomplished sales executive with a strong background in health system sales and software startups, and Matt is a pharmacist who brings credibility and domain expertise as a subject matter expert. Together, Michael and Matt understand the key elements of gaining a prospective customer’s attention, building a solid business case, demonstrating the solution, and getting to a successful close.

In early 2021, QuicksortRx joined with the 58,000-member strong American Society of Health-system Pharmacists (detailed here) through their Innovation Partnership program, which has led to a significant increase in interest, brand recognition, and lead generation. We believe our referenceable customer successes, industry expertise, innovation roadmap, and ASHP partnership will help ensure our growing sales team’s success.



We are looking for an Enterprise Account Executive familiar with SaaS and healthcare sales, with including:


  • Experience building a strong prospect list from industry sources, research, and referrals from our growing customer base
  • Outbound prospect engagement
  • Experience carrying $500k+ quota and proven achievement of sales goals
  • Experience negotiating and closing enterprise-level agreements in the $50,000 to $500,000+ Annual Contract Value range


We will prefer candidates with:

  • Multi-state or IDN health-system sales experience
  • Existing relationships in health system pharmacy space
  • Pharmacy technology, pharmacy software, pharmacy distribution, or health-system pharmaceutical sales experience.

Location & Commitments

Our office is located in Charleston, SC. The Enterprise Account Executive can work from anywhere in the U.S.. There is travel associated with the position to customer sites, conferences, and to Charleston.

The Enterprise Account Executive must be comfortable working directly with healthcare professionals in enterprise healthcare environments which may require proof of certain healthcare screenings or vaccinations to come on-site.



Why QuicksortRx and Why Now

We have been methodically charting this journey. We spent years developing the internal case for our product and improving it with our first customer. After commercializing outside of MUSC, we have continued to grow - scaling our infrastructure and bringing on additional health systems as customers. In 2021, we brought two industry veterans on to our board of directors, who have invested personally in the company for the expansion of our sales team. In the last year, we’ve doubled our pharmacist support and development teams with top talent to accommodate our growing customer base. This foundation work has created a strong, growing, and cash flow positive company despite challenges in the health system market.

With healthcare spending, medication costs, and healthcare finance at the forefront of the nation’s attention, health systems need solutions more than ever. Our software makes real and significant impacts for our customers, and our sales approach makes for an easy business case to present. 

This is a tremendous opportunity for an Enterprise Account Executive to achieve financial success and meaningful career growth by helping us build a great company that decreases the costs of quality healthcare.


Here's How to Connect With Us:


Reach out to Melanie Snider, melanie+EAE@quicksortrx.com with your resume and contact information.

Connect with us:

Reach out to Melanie Snider, melanie+EAE@quicksortrx.com 

with your resume and contact information.